Never Lose Track of Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns with Performance Alerts!

Make sure that well-performing keywords don’t get lost in the crowd. Identify search terms that drive in-app events important for your business.

Get notified when campaigns are about to hit their budget/daily cap and make informed decisions to maximize your Share of Voice.

How It Works?Contact Us can track the competitor’s bidding keywords and manage our campaign with Automation Rules. We felt like hiring a new Apple Search Ads marketer!

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Get instantly notified of any event which can impact your Apple Search Ads performance and take action to keep your campaigns healthy & profitable.

Discover New Scaling Opportunities.

What will You Get?

Keywords driving in-app events
Keywords with high CPG (Cost-Per-Goal)
Keywords with Low CR (Conversion Rate)
Campaigns about to hit budget/daily cap’s Smart Automation Rules helped us safely scale our spend in Apple Search Ads by 168% with a 58% uplift in incremental installs in a month.

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Make the most out of Apple Search Ads with As a recognized
Apple Search Ads Partner, we deliver a seamless campaign management experience with all the tools and metrics to make your Apple Search Ads campaigns more efficient and profitable.

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Setup Your Alerts!
Setup Your Alerts!
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With Smart Automation Rules for:

Scaling your well-performing campaigns up by adjusting daily caps
Scaling your well-performing keywords up by adjusting your bids
Pausing low-performance keywords according to TTR or Cost Per Goal

Don’t let under-performing keywords get in the way. Instantly discover search terms with low conversion rates or high costs and optimize your spend to make the most out of your advertising budget.

Find out Inefficiencies at Once.

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Take Action to Optimize and Scale Up your Campaigns.

Set up AI-based automation rules which will monitor and optimize your campaigns 24/7. Let smart automations adjust your bids automatically to scale well-performing search terms while minimizing budget waste. Get rid of repetitive work and spend your time improving your UA strategy instead.

Performance Alerts with e-mail notifications including: